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>> Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Please place your order 5 days in advance (for single order) and 2 weeks in advance (bulk order) prior to pick up date.

Choices of Cakes :
a) Cheesecake (plain)
8" : approximately 1.5+-kg : RM70
Note :Add blueberry,strawberry,kiwi & chocolate topping/flavour : + RM5.00  
b) Chocolate Moist Cake with buttercream frosting
start from 9"   : start from RM60++economy pack (aluminium), approximately +-800gm : rm25
c) Carrot walnut Cake with cream cheese frosting
start from 9"   : start from RM75.00
d) butter cake with buttercream frosting
e) sponge cake  with buttercream frosting
Choices of flavours (butter cake/sponge cake) 
- Vanilla, orange, chocolate, or any other flavour (if requested)
Choices of frosting/topping :
- Fresh cream (add RM10/kg), Chocolate ganache (addRM10/kg)
Note :
a) Cakes will include cream filling
b) Additional edible image (add RM30 and above, depending on the design and subject to availability). Please allow 4-5 working days for adding edible image
c) Drawing (add RM25 and above, depending on the design)

note : please email me for quotation. 

Choices of Cupcakes :
Choices of cupcakes - chocolate moist, vanilla, orange
Sizes & Pricing

Medium (M) size (5.5cm diameter - 2oz solo cup)

RM45 - 16pieces
RM65 - 25pieces

Large (L) size (6.0cm diameter - 2.5oz solo cup)
RM55 - 16pieces
RM85 - 25pieces
Note :

1) Additional RM10.00 for chocolate ganache 
2) Additional drawing; edible image (add RM30 and above, depending on the design). Please allow 4-5 working days to make order for the edible image
3) Additional RM10 - RM30 for fresh fruits depending on the quantity; subject to availability
4) Additional RM0.30 for dome container

Tartlets :
a) Cheesetart (chocolate/blueberry/kiwi/strawberries)
1set (50 pieces) : RM50

b) Fruit Tarts
1set (24 pieces) : RM36

Pudding :
a) Caramel pudding
small size RM1.20/pieces with minimum order 1dozen


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